Automactic Can Filling And Seaming Equipment

  • Suitable to fill and seam various carbonated/non-carbonated beverage juice /aerated drinks/pulp/puree in can up 5 kg capacities or juice in 200/400ml beverage cans.

  • The machine incorporates plunger type filler for filling various round cans up to 700 dia (5kg). The filler is synchronized with 4 seaming heads to achieve filling / seaming speed.

  • The empty can is conveyed into the filler head which incorporates plunger type piston filling/gravity-fill for filling viscous products/juice in cans.

  • The filler can be interlinked with liquid nitrogen flushing in case of products like juice in aluminum extruded cans.(Aluminium Beverage Cans)

  • The filler head is synchronized with seaming heads to seal the lids hermetically into cans.

  • The cans gets filled/seamed in the integrated machine and are than conveyed onto the Outfeed conveyor attached with the machine.