Fully Automatic 3 In 1 Rotary Filling Machinne

Automatic Monobloc Rinser/Filler/Capper

Technical Featured :

  • FAB series monobloc bottling machine is a third generation bottling machine incorporating state-of-the –art design.

  • The air infeed conveyor feeds the bottle to the rinsing section. It's followed by advanced micro negative filling and then the filled bottle is capped hermetically. Monobloc design ensures hygienic conditions are maintained and minimal exposure of product to the atmosphere.

  • The machine is unique neck holding design for bottle transfer ensures quick changeover to various sizes of bottles from 200ml-2ltr.

  • The machine in corporate high level of automation like “no-bottle-no-fill’ and “no-bottle-no-cap’ low cap alarm duly controlled by centralized panel.

  • Complete machine is aesthetically designed and fabricated and ensures sturdy and stable running.

Special Features :

  • Enclosed inside an aesthetically designed chamber, integrating section of rinsing/filling & capping into an interlinked monobloc design.

  • The monobloc design conducts integrated operation of rinsing/filling & capping of PET bottles from 200-2000ml.

  • The machine incorporates NECK HOLDING TECHNOLOGY which involves transfer of bottles between 3-section by holding the bottle by neck that facilitates easy of operation and usage.

  • This enable user to change-over to different sizes/Volumes of bottles from 200-2000ml with minimal change-over parts, thus saving on changeover downtime.

  • The monobloc R/F/C machine is manufactured in various model/capacity from 1200BPH-15000BPH

Available In Following Models :

Model FAB-W 8-8-3 FAB-W 12-12-6 FAB-W 16-16-5 FAB-W 18-18-6 FAB-W 24-24-8
Capacity BPM. 20-30 40-60 60-80 80-100 120-140
Rinsing Heads 8 12 16 18 24
Filling Heads 8 12 16 18 24
Capping Heads 3 4 5 6 8
Bottle dia.(mm) Ø50 –Ø90 Ø50 –Ø90 Ø50 –Ø90 Ø50 –Ø90 Ø50 –Ø90
Bottle Height(mm) 150-320 150-320 150-320 150-320 150-320
Power (kw) - 3.13 3.84 4.1 5.6
Dimensions - 2250x1640x2100 2430x1800x2100 3050x2060x2100 4050x2300x2100

Salient Features Of Fab Series Automatic Monobloc Rinser/Filler/Capper

Infeed Air Conveyor

The bottles are manually loaded on the mouth of the air conveyor. A blower is fitted on top of the frame of the air conveyor. The air pushes the bottle further automatically and the bottles enter the monobloc rinsing, filling & capping section. The infeed air conveyor is adoptable ergonomically designed

Rinsing Section

The bottles from the in feed neck guide plate are gripped by two pair of fingers i.e. bottle neck holder bracket assembly. The gripping fingers hold the bottle by neck and necessary guide bars will invert the bottle upside down by 180.degree.

The duly inverted bottles are sprayed By high pressure pump through rinsing nozzles. After 180-degree rotation the washing cycles gets stopped and bottles are re-inverted and delivered to the out feed neck guide plate, which transfers the bottle to the filling head.

Filling Section

Bottles are transferred from the washing station to the filling station where bottles are filled up to neck level or as required principle of filling is based on GRAVITY –FILL- TECHNOLOGY

Filling tank system to control level of water filling tank. As soon as the bottle is filled and valve will be closed and bottle will be lowered and transferred on the neck guide plate. The filling heads are state-of-the-art and designed to ensure even filling and incorporate” No-Bottle-No Fill’ automation.

The filling head includes a SS storage tank and direct mounted filling valves.

Capping Section

The filled bottles are transferred from filling head onto the capping head. The bottles are transferred automatically from the cap chute holder.

The capping heads are based on Magnetic Torque Technology that ensures hermetic sealing of capper.

The capping head incorporate no bottle-no cap and no-cap machine stoppage and can be attached with cap elevator.