Automatic Linear Filling Machine With Individual Servo Control

From 2 Head To 8 Head Machines

Touch type HMI 7” or 10” control system for total operation of the machine.

  • Proxy sensors for the presence of the product.

  • Single size change parts.

  • Panel Box with SS 304.

  • Hose pipe

  • Geared Rotary gear pump 25 lpm SS316

Technical Data

  • Product Sensor (No bottle -No filling) Bomber sensor

  • Servo motor Servo Drive 750 Watts (Either of Delta and Fuji and Mitsubishi)

  • Proxy Sensor(Panasonic or relevant make)

  • Electrical Input Single Phase – 230 V

  • Pneumatic Cylinder (Jinetic)

  • Built in Tank Size 4 head 300 litters, 6 head 400 Litres Made of SS 304

  • 25 lpm rotary gear pump SS 316

Suitable for bringing down the temperature of water / syrup blow 4C. this facilitates mixing and absorption of Co2 with water/ syrup. It is available in two models.

(A) Batch Type

Incorporates insulated stainless steel holding tank connected to compressor. Water/ syrup is chilled by means of chilled gas running inside copper tubes in the tank.

(B) Continuous Type :

This incorporates online chiller is connected with PHE. The online chiller chills the glycol which in turn chills water/ syrup in the PHE. The unit consists of the purified water pumped through the PHE and chilled by the flowing chilled glycol.

Capacity: 500-5000 LPH
  • Skid mounted: PHE system, complete with balance tank, pump, and manual temperature sensor.

  • Online chiller with glycol storage tank: this system incorporates chilling of glycol upto 1C. the chilling glycol is than pumped into the PHE which brings down the temperature of the water/ beverages to facilitate carbonation.