Other Utilities Like Boiler, Blow Moulding etc

Boiler/Hot Water Generator (Smoke Tube Design)

  • Multistage Boiler/Hot water generator vertical type with cross tube design/incorporates double jacketted fire box with pre-heater/steam Resevoirs/Economizer.

  • Easy to use /maintain sturdy design,ease of usuage and Maintance.

  • Equipped with feed pump/standard boiler fitting and water level guage/safety valve/pressure guage/feed check valve/steam release valve/blow down station.

  • Suitable for same units engaged in Food/Dairy/Beverage/Sweets Industry.

Diesel/ Oil Fired Boiler (Coil Type/3 Pass Design)

Silent Features

  • Multi-pass design with economizer.

  • Can attain pressures up to 10.5kg/cm2.

  • Easy access for inspection and cleaning.

  • Low system lag and rapid warm up response.

  • Failsafe design, dependable safety instruments.

Working Table

  • Suitable for various requirement of fruit cutting/can filling/sorting etc

  • Size 6'x3'