Water Purification Plant (Reverse Osmosis Technology)

Water Purification System Using Reverse Osmosis Technology Incorporates

Raw Water Pump

To feed the raw water to duel media filter

Pressure Sand Filter Vessel

Used to remove suspended solids and undissolved impurities from water. The filtration medium Consists Of sand with avariety in size and specific gravity .the filters effectively remove up to 30-50 micron of the Suspended solid to less than 5ppm.

Activated Carbon Filter

The filter is designed with multiple layers to reduce or eliminate bad taste, odors, chlorine and many organic contaminants in water. Activated carbon has a slight electropositive charge added to it, making it Attractive to chemicals and impurities. As the water passes over the positively charged carbon surface. The negative ions of the contaminates are drawn to the carbon granules.

Micron Filter

It removes the fine particles such as dirt, sand etc.up to 5 microns and reduce silt density index to acceptable level.

High Pressure Pump

Suitable to feed raw water through the reverse osmosis membrane with high pressure.

Dosing Unit

To dose anti-scalant chemical to protect the scaling Formation on RO membranes.